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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Hear the drum pounding out of time Another protestor has crossed the line Hey! So many, too many died for this.

Green Day - Holiday Lyrics

In live performances, video screens would display footage of helicopters dropping bombs. Select Silver in the Certification field.

All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. The falling rain symbolizes bullets and bombs and the Armageddon flame is the fire and destruction and loss of life it ensues. This interpretation has been marked as poor. The president, or in this case George W.

This line points out that the attacking country is the United States as this government's representatives make motions to continue the conflict. This article needs additional citations for verification. In the second half they are cavorting in a bar where each of the band members portrays several different characters. The line also symbolizes what happens when everyone becomes apathetic toward their government and doesn't force it to be accountable for it's actions. Recording Industry Association of America.

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Part of the album story Jesus breaks free and finally leaves his dead-end town. It's commonly used in the military and society to represent those who aren't considered strong or masculine. There are also scenes featuring seemingly worn-down can-can dancers. That if we give in, we are condenming ourselves to live like this forever.

The plastic bag is also symbolic for a body bag, which the good of America is being placed inside of. He thinks that now he's free. Get a weekly email update We won't give out your email. Mike Dirnt plays the barman, another punk, and a policeman. Many people died and are still dying.

Holiday (Green Day song)

Green Day song meanings Holiday

Family Tree Caylee Hammack. Facebook Twitter About SoundMedia. It was also used as the goal song of the Vancouver Canucks during their run to the Stanley Cup Finals. The war was meant to be good but it was looking terrible. The no-names can also represent people who have no choice, because they have no voice against the assault.

Green Day - Holiday Lyrics

This song is about a sissy left wing song writer who feels powerful by chanting against the government. But to conclusion the song is talking about how on holiday's there is always going to be protests and maybe wars here or there and that it mostly talks on holiday's. And bleed, the company lost the war today! The following verse follows the same lines. Submit Your Interpretation.

The song is in the key of F minor. The song takes aim at American conservatism. This song says don't kill me because I don't agree with you.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams. It was released as the third single from the group's seventh studio album American Idiot. Select singles in the Format field. This is bold text and this is normal text.

Green Day song meanings Holiday

Bottem line no matter what you believe, at least look into the facts for yourself and don't let others, like the media or Greenday tell you what to think! Green Day Lyrics provided by SongLyrics.

The lost names represent how their lives essentially mean nothing as no one even knows their name. The second verse goes over how they were howling not singing but not yet crying, for this war.

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Green Day - Holiday Lyrics

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Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana. If you cross the line, we'll shut you up. To find, the money's on the other side Can I get another Amen? The plastic bag is the gag on the Statue of Liberty or the Lincoln Memorial or any of the monuments that represent life, liberty and freedom in this country. The word monument symbolizes the good of America which is being suppressed.

Those who don't vote or care about what's going on around them are those on Holiday, or those who vacation from reality. He's on holiday, euro truck simulator 1 full game he's starting a new life. Holiday could mean for the soldiers even on holidays still suffering and dying for what.

There's money in this war so no protests will be heard. The glass representes stability. They are mere pawns in a political conflict. The drums of war are not synchronized because they are unnecessarily beating.