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Instead, he just tries to entertain himself, does what seems fun, and expects his listeners to be smart enough to understand why it's brilliant. Who Are some of your favroite Rappers, Rap groups and Rap duos? Maybe these statements all feel like platitudes, too. But the same could be said of karate or skateboarding or Zen Buddhist meditation or life itself.

Rick Ross - Shot To The Heart (remix) Lyrics

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Know something about this song or lyrics? Wayne's appeal as an artist hinges on his persona, but the core of that persona is his singleminded devotion to making the best rap, over and over and over.

Something You Forgot-Lil Wayne by DJ Spirit

He's worked within the highest, most controlled levels of the music industry, but he's always bent the world around him to his liking. Today is the last day of A Year of Lil Wayne.

This throwaway ending to the verse, when you realize what he's saying, instantly intensifies the devastating emotions of the rest of the song. Nivea has a daughter too, with The Dream, so that's why mentions that the woman's daughter will be great as well.

Lil Wayne tore into it, as anyone who had listened to anything he'd done recently could have anticipated. There was emotional complexity about relationships that I hadn't heard from Wayne before. Beyond the broad biographical strokes, he doesn't put himself in his music much in a personal way, and that's part of the lesson. How are Hip-Hop and Rap different from each other?

It was a devastating account of a lost relationship, a kind of confessional rap that Lil Wayne rarely practiced. It was everything I loved in rap, especially at the time, a sped-up power ballad matched with simple, propulsive percussion. We'd heard those lost singles. That is the genre in a nutshell, finding triumph regardless of the circumstances. Some people called it a classic because it sold so many copies, but others knew that it should have been better.

It is everything rap is, just like Lil Wayne. What does this song mean to you?

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You're either going to like a song or you're not. It gets stuck in my head all the time, to this day. Just recording a song is forward progress.

Lyrics submitted by devilpuppyusmc. Eventually, I found a link to the. And, reader, that song is good, too.

And, vice versa, the song's overall emotional weight intensifies the claim. The reason he has been able to channel his talent into so many different artistic accomplishments is because over his career he just kept making stuff, even when sometimes it sucked. What more could you ask for from a rap song? Is will smith going to be the best rapper all time? The version you are talking about is the remix by Rick Ross.

And then there was a line that, to me, summed up all of Lil Wayne's brilliance as concisely as possible. There are other things I've come to admire more than ever, of course.

You can dwell on the past, or you can keep making music. It's a model more people should follow. For any other artist, that would be a career-defining feat, or at least a major part of their story. There was so much energy in his delivery. Lil Wayne was always talented, but he became the artist he is through tireless repetition and endless practice.

Does anyone know what im talking about? You're either going to like him or you're not. It's a moment of complete personal collapse and utter victory intertwined as one. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery.

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Lil Wayne Something You Forgot. Something You Forgot song meanings. We do not have any tags for Something You Forgot lyrics. The more I've written about Lil Wayne's music, the more its appeal becomes ineffable. Lil Wayne I've been lonely, I've been waiting for you I'm pretending, karbonn mobile games and that's all I can do that's all I can do mama The love I'm sending ain't making it through to your heart I hope you hear me.

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And by extension, you realize that he's sneaking in the most powerful rap boast he can make. He must deeply care about this person, because he's literally pouring his heart out. More and more, I've come to inhabit that mindset in the course of writing about him which, yes, to complete your own, is why this blog sucks.

If there is one thing that I've taken away from writing about Lil Wayne every day for a year, it's the value in perseverance for its own sake. Creativity at its best should feel like magic.