Self Management By Bk Shivani

Self management by bk shivani

It is not shiv purana it is shankar purana. If mother is there in sakaar then father also will be there. Sister Sudha, You can freely download sister Shivani's Lectures from the link below. Many people around the world are benefited from Awakening episodes. But only only will take birth in satyuga.

Where are we heading towards? Inferioirity complex has creeped in and I feel as if people don't like me. In shastras we say Brahma so vishnu means brahma is only vishnu. Dear sisiter Shivani, I am your big fan and personaly admire you for your deep rooted qualities.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Even after knowing this Law of Karma, why are we not able to use this Law to better our lifes? Shiv is a soul who will not take any birth to have history.

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Was there Heaven on Earth? Why are there so many believes about God. Is it that true for some is false for others? She experienced the presence of God during meditation and hence decided to go on with this and further understand the knowledge.

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Self management by bk shivani

Presently Shivani behn is appearing in conferences and special events to speak about relationship management, law of karma and spiritual wisdom for happy life. The compassionate, wise and calm nature of Sister Shivani pleased the audience to find out the source of her wisdom.

Its my humble request that please discuss this topic in one of your episodes. Of course when the world is at its lowest stage, God has to come to uplift the whole humanity and re-establish the true dharma religion. What is Soul consciousness? With this knowledge our awareness is shifted. This way she progressed in this path day by day.

If you ignore that irritates the person more. For me i have some crazy distractions always.

Sister Shivani is a senior Rajyoga teacher living in family life in Pune. Dear shivani, Om shanti, it is really good to read ur profile and ur doing wonderful work.

Self management by bk shivani

Who used to live in that world? Do I have to leave my family, friends, job and my normal life to do this meditation?

How does this relationship fulfilled. When does He come to fix this injustice on earth? Shiv and shankar have same body but different souls. Introduction to Brahma kumaris.

How to use these powers to bring transformation? Dear sister Shivani, I listen to your videos and I have learnt a lot from you. Shiv comes and makes everyone pavan and takes to our home paramdham.

What is the correct introduction of God? Could not find on you tube as well. Sister Shivani Biography and Life story. Thousands of people are benefited with this Godly wisdom shared by Sister Shivani in a simple way. Is it in my body all the while?

She felt truth in Self as the Soul, voipdiscount for nokia but doubted if God really has come. What is that I can do now to free myself or transform my life? How is this going to bring transformation in the self?

No matter how nice you are to a person, they still hurt you everytime they meet you. Dear Sister Shivani, I took up Rajyoga meditation course recently and found that it is making a huge change in my personality for better. How Supreme Soul founded this organization?

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