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Several analysis modules, such as protection or dynamic simulation, are also ideally suited for training purposes. The purpose of the contingency analysis software module is to assess the load flow in networks during outages of network components and generators. Load and generation profile simulation. External, user-defined subroutines can also be coupled open-loop and there is an interface to real-time applications closed-loop. Protection device templates can be created and managed and then used to generate real protection devices.

Electrical networks

Short-circuit analysis is the method employed for assessing the correct ratings for the network i. Faults can be simulated at nodes or anywhere on power lines or cables. How large is the voltage dip during the motor start? This model can be either an equation or an inequation.

Will the motor start successfully considering the given load torque? What is the network loading during motor start? When analyzing reliability it is usually necessary to subdivide large transmission and distribution networks into smaller sub-systems. These fluctuations in time generate flicker.

Furthermore the elements of control systems can be analyzed and system behavior can be optimized. Initially, all values are calculated for the first zones and this is followed by all second zones and then all third zones. These characteristic values can then be compared against limit values for specific customers. The actual simultaneity factor is calculated based on the number of downstream connected customers of the same load type.

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Reliability assessment for power systems evaluates a number of different criteria in the network planning process. Only those combinations with a probability above a given threshold value are further considered in the calculation.

The load development tool provides valuable information to identify weak points and to prioritize required network reinforcement or restructuring measures. The calculated minimum and maximum voltages can be visualized and compared to the permissible voltage limits in voltage profile diagrams. Block generators are implemented according to the standards in two different ways generator and transformer as two separate elements or combined as one element. In the case of asymmetrical faults different transformer vector groups are also taken into account, as are the various methods of neutral earthing employed. Motor startup calculation is an effective tool for the calculation of the operational behavior of the electrical network.

Electrical networks

In meshed networks, this method can be used for calculating the positions of the optimal tie open points and for applying them to the network configuration at the press of a button. You may leave detailed feedback below.

In addition to the facility for simulation in the time domain, the dynamic engine also permits the study of networks, machines, shafts and control systems in the frequency domain. Protection devices are modeled comprehensively with all their functions and settings including different parameter sets for the same relay. Did this information help you? In each individual load flow calculation, a fraction of the reactive power requirement at the transformers is compensated.

Software modules for electricity network planning

It is easy to connect to external documents parameter files, descriptions of protection devices etc. The data is input via masks that are object-related and have abbreviated aid texts in addition to detailed aid texts. When grading impedances are calculated, the setting given priority is the one that causes the protection to respond selectively regardless of how the network is connected.

The same algorithms can be used for the optimization of settings of models. All load flow results are available including the analysis of maximum or minimum values e. Optimal branching, tie open point optimization.

Networks with more than one slack are possible. Results are prepared for individual annual tranches. The results can be summarized in a clearly arranged tree structure. Turn off more accessible mode.

This module is used to check the level for the remote switching of e. To get a quick overview of oscillation frequencies, dampings and right locations for damping equipment, the Eigenvalue screening method for stability time domain simulations can be used. Settings are checked against the available settings ranges Protection device templates can be created and managed and then used to generate real protection devices. It provides information on security of supply and weak points in the network.

It can also be used for the tuning of stabilizers during the simulation run. Visualization of the operational state of protection devices e.

PSS SINCAL Platform Product Versions & Updates


All individual items of equipment whose failure has the same effects on network performance are combined to form component units. The analytic method combinatorial generates all failure combinations. This can be either an objective function or a cost function.

The protection simulation module simulates the time sequence of the fault clearance in radial and meshed networks. Repetition of the above steps until the fault is cleared and the total fault clearance time is determined. Parameterizing can be input individually and changed, down with the trumpets or the default values can be used. These blocks can be combined to any open or closed-loop control structures or evaluation devices by means of the graphic interface.

Power stability analysis can provide the answer to the question of whether or not the generators can continue in stable operation in the network in the case of faults or interruptions. The transmission lines are simulated with wave equations.

Eigenvalue and modal analysis in large electrical power systems can be very time consuming. In special cases only measurements from the system are available. Load development calculation provides information on how to develop electrical networks taking into account future load growth and migration. Furthermore, a reduced model can simplify the network calculation and save the investigation time in some cases.

Substation Automation Systems go. This stability software module handles both balanced and unbalanced network models with balanced and unbalanced disturbances like fault right through studies.

PSS/SINCAL (free version) download for PC

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As well as allowing the elements of control systems to be analyzed, it also permits the study of networks, protection systems and machines at different frequencies. Frequency domain and resonances. The identification is possible for any model in the frequency range e. The user establishes system diagrams and the block diagram by graphical connection of library symbols.