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If you play with another friend, this trick comes in handy. This game is mainly about you creating a player on the game. It will say that you have completed the quest. Lots of money for begginers. You do not need to make the entire set or wear it.

Create a Cephalos armor piece. You can get ores such as Dragonite, Union, Machalite, etc. One player can buy the fangs and trade them to a second player who can sell them. It is also recommended to bring some well done steaks.

Life crystal How do I get rathalos firesword. If you see him, run back to the previous area and wait for him to leave. Use the following combinations to create the corresponding item. You must start off by having full life and stamina bars.

You should be able to easily kill him if you do this right, and you hopefully wont get hit even once! Creat a Vespoid armor piece.

This works best with a devil slicer, centeranian dagger, or tigrex longsword. Then set out and blast and hack your way through the Kut-Ku till time the out if you can. If it does, the percentage of you getting the Rathian plate is decreased many times. Now you get the remaining rewards since you can kill it all by yourself now! Go to the supply box and get Paw Print out of it.

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When you complete the following tasks the corresponding Gallery movie will become unlocked. Take only your weapons, armor, and one Spiderweb. Just wait until the wyvern has charged or shot a fireball, dodge the shot and attack it from the side or behind. Find a walkthrough Ask a question Start a discussion.

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The Garuga will not come up. To kill a Khezu, you must get a weapon that has a fire attributs like a gatling hammer, gatling lance, djinn, etc. New slot system to add skill point decorations to armor and weapons. An intermission sequence will show you where the nest is located.

It is also a four star quest. Do some quests, and go back to him. Another thing that works is hitting them with a great sword.

How can I get rathalos's wing? Complete every possible item combinations. When you can see the hot air balloon go on gestures face it and wave at it it will show you where any wyverns are kinda like a phycoserum it will only work once per quest. Upcoming games for What are you looking forward to? Kill the Velociprey and climb onto the ledge.

Anybody no what bowgun that can use dragon shell? Clear all Gathering Hall Star Quests. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Kill all the Volociprey and wait for the Kut-Ku if it isnt already there. Gameshark codes All gameshark codes.

All you need to do is keep shooting it in the head. Sell all of these since all you can make from it is wooden stuff, which is pretty much useless. Bash the head of Lao Shan Lung Mt.

When you are back in the village, sell all the items you have then go to the farm. Forge ten very rare great swords. You will get a lot of money by completing this quest. You will keep getting worms for awhile. Also visit our Alphabet Lyrics sister site.

How to I get the blood red horn. My final piece of advice is this, if you're fighting a Rajang for the first time, it's best to just run clockwise when the Rajang is in Rage mode.

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Monster Hunter Freedom 2 Cheats PSPMonster Hunter Freedom 2

You'll eventually get the Lost Umbrella. As soon as the music stops, press X and the pig will become yours. Encounter Azure Lao-Shan Lung.

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Develop the Kokoto Fishing area to the max. Go to the pokke farm, and send Trenya to the Jungle or the swamp. There is nothing here that can attack you except for the Gendrome sometimes. Take lots of Power coatings and whatever else you want to take. Once there, do everything you can mining, fishing, etc.

We have no easter eggs for Monster Hunter yet. If you have monster hunter freedom the original then use the sd card with the save data for that game when you start and the game will offer to import the person on the other game. Also, Small Barrel-Bombs work as well, but they must explode just when the monster is under them. As the game progresses, call center training material she gains two apprentices and gives hunters the chance to meet the Legendary Blacksmith.

These include easy way to carve up a Vespoid, how to avoid cats stealing from you and Kut-Ku scales farming. How to find light crystal at forest?

Free items When you are in a quest go to your camp and leave all the stuff you want from the supply box in the supply box. When you get there, you will see lots of things. Just sell the Kut-Ku Scales for easy money. Remember Me Forgot Password. Get everything and sell it.

Choose it and start the quest. Hit it's head first or you could go for the claws first. Lots of hints and tips for you to look through and try out.