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Krossfire, set on post-apocalyptic Earth, starts its story forty years after its predecessor. Overall, def leppard rocket mp3 Krossfire is a marginal contribution to the genre.

Open another Bunker to the North West of the magma, then send the latest Sentinel Droid to the South East with the last remaining Technician close behind. The Research Lab is just north of the wall.

By them, you can destroy survivors on islands in the centre of west margin. Your second unit destroys Bugzappers, goes to the Evolved's camp and destroys all here.

Do not use the remaining men in this battle keep them safe, so they can be used to kill the two Crinoids and two Death Hippos to the south. At the same time, move infantrymen along cliffs on the left to the Drill Ring and destroy it together with Oil Tankers. Extend the defence and power resources of your camp. Continue north along the west side of the map, like before, and take out Evolved units along to the north of the map, a few Pit Scorpions and a couple men.

Send the combat vehicles and infantry to the beach. The Guns of Navaho Simply build a beast enclosure and produce a derrick after which you deploy it at the oil puddle and build a power plant. Wait for a tanker to approach the wall and gun it. Send a few units to destroy the bridge you came across. Don't build an armoury, it wastes both time and money.

Fortifications and turrets can be used to protect a base, as well as making use of natural features such as cliffs or buildings. Tell most of your men to go back to the start position and down the road and destroy that bridge. Use oil puddles to left and build camp. Ignore the three Pod Cannons on top of the cliff at the top entrance, the Grenadiers can sneak past those Cannons.

Now, it is time for your fighters - they can destroy all Touches of Death rhombuses on the map. They are farming robots, and as such much of their weaponry resembles farm tools, like the Seeder, Weed Killer, and Spore Missile. You start the mission at the bottom left of the map. Your camp is dislocated in South West corner.

After this, you can continue in the attack. Immediately upgrade Clan Hall to build Low Tech walls, then build them. While nowhere near as technologically advanced as their enemies, they have learned to herd and utilize the power of other mutated creatures, such as large wasps and scorpions. The computer usually has a huge numerical superiority, resulting in a fairly grinding experience of build-up-huge-army followed by the assault-enemy-base-with-huge-army phase of your battle plan. Follow the road left, down and left by the river then go down into the gully, where you will find some more men waiting for you.

All sides have the equivalent of the big tank, the bigger tank and the truly devastating really big tank. You might have to bring some units back for repair because of heavy fire or perhaps build some more air units. Think it's over not even close. After you have the power to deal with the enemy start building an attacking force not a vehicle force you moron an air force.

Krossfire has many difficult levels with no apparent solution. Hopefully you are still to lose a man. Upgrade machine shop full. Build technostudy and upgrade to full.

KKND2 Krossfire Download PC

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Now you can attack on the west part of survivor's camp. Set up camp north of the bridge, in the space between the oil.

Send landing forces to this place, destroy all and move to the center of survivor's camp. This level is the hardest Survivor level in the entire game. All three areas provide artifacts from the nuclear war, namely decrepit buildings and polluted water. Do not send re-enforcements towards your base, otherwise they will be shot to pieces.

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It provokes Evolved, which you destroy on south entrance of your camp. Bring them with you to the starting point and order the infantry to destroy the bridge to the south.

Firstly, extend you base North and capitalise on the oil reserves to the north and through the dinosaur skeleton. Then your Huge Artillery eliminates the Laser Destroyer. If this is the case for you, have a look at this page and you may find the right easy-to-follow strategy listed for your mission. Approach the back of the Survy base.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This mission demands strong resources. Attack some passing Berserkas, then send the men to join the Captive, placing them in a line near the tunnel. Alternately you can blow them up with the Kamikaze. Destroy all infantrymen and Bull Ant Tanks there.

Use your well-developed skill to build a massive base and knock down any more bridges you see to the south. The north entrance goes to Survivors and the south one goes to the Evolved.

Then you can stepwise destroy resources of survivors. The Evolved are surprising under developed at the beginning of the mission, however, they have an excellent base in protected by its elevation. You will be shot at, but frankly it won't matter. Bombers and transports are also included in this package, but the strategy of the game boils down to whoever has the most powerful guns.

Use Systechs to open both tech bunkers. Download Link Magnet Link. Build up the complete camp and ensure its defence - two Distance Seeders in the entrance are sufficient. Drive west against minor resistance.

KKnD 2 Krossfire - PC Review and Full Download

We welcome submissions of your own strategies or alternate versions of the ones shown here. In the meantime, setup your minimal base to the South-East of the map. In this way, you release the way for your infantrymen. Destroy the two Distance Seeders guarding the top entrance and destroy their Oil Bots.