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One of the most prevalent motifs of the series is the humanity of the Diclonius, especially contrasted against the inhumanity of ordinary people. She was both ruthlessly tormented and was also a sadistic tormentor to others, driven to a mental breakdown at an early age by the cruelty that surrounded her.

She was just never allowed the chance due to her instincts and the scientists wanting to either kill her or use her. Kurama is ordered by his boss, Kakuzawa, to put Nana down as she is no longer useful, much to his frustration.

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Reception for the Elfen Lied anime series was generally mixed to positive. List of Elfen Lied chapters. List of Elfen Lied episodes. Eventually, she found Kurama and a group of guards, fully armed and standing within a perimeter, not to her advantage. This got the attention of the Japanese government, rog song who funded two institutes to investigate anti-Diclonius countermeasures and provided them with defense equipment.

Mayu doesn't understand why Nyu is being targeted. Her relationship with Bando being purely adversarial, it will not be expanded upon here. Bando attacks Nana with heavy tungsten bullets and wound her, which can't be deflected with vectors like normal, lighter bullets. Two pieces of theme music are used for the series. Mayu's mother happily gives Kohta guardianship of Mayu.

This determination added to the pain of their melted body to cause them to leave it once and for all. Finally, Kaede surrendered to these murderous instincts and began brutally and indiscriminately killing festival goers in what was believed to be a bombing.

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She was even shocked and appalled at the idea of her groping anyone when Yuka and Mayu reminded her she used to do that to them. When Lucy managed to sever one of Bando's arms again, Mayu realized that Lucy had been the one who severed Nana's limbs. Clinging to Lucy as the countdown concluded, Mariko died in an explosion that also took off Lucy's horns. This brief peace was made all the more fleeting by the arrival of two new players.

Despite the Voice's tendency to exploit Lucy's doubts, it never brought up the subject of making Yuka vanish, indicating this was never something Lucy actively wished to do. Each ends up placing the other as the embodiment of all that is wrong with their lives, something that must be continually punished or destroyed. Though they finally went back with him, events had reached the point of no return.

The force of the impact knocked her unconscious and also threw her over the edge and into the sea. Both Diclonius and the human species feel the need to populate the earth with their own and wipe the other out. Lucy reverts to Nyu before she is able to kill Bando.

Her relationships with them vary widely on who she is at the time. The tables turn when Lucy seizes control from Nyu.

Lucy, who makes it out of the fight alive, reveals her remorse and emotion for Kouta and they kiss before she leaves to encounter the security team. Later, she is found by Kohta and Yuka, two cousins who are reunited after eight years to study at university, and is taken back home with them. Once again, Nana pleaded on the helpless Nyu's behalf and stopped Kurama from executing her on the spot. Showing a feeling of control justified or not the Chief released Nyu, who showed modesty uncharacteristic of either Lucy or her former infantile self. Despite the best efforts of Kurama and Shirakawa, the control mechanism for the bombs was destroyed by Lucy, with Shirakawa beheaded.

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The Lucy they faced here was easily at her most sadistic and cruel. As a Diclonius, Lucy possessed power rivaled by very few others of her kind, and her control over her vectors was virtually second to none, possessing X with a range of two metres. Nana and Mariko have purple and blond hair, respectively while in the anime, the female Diclonii have a uniform red or pink hair and eye color. Bando escapes from the hospital to find Lucy and satisfy his grudge against her before he is castrated.

Throughout the series, there is a great deal of blood and gore, graphic violence as well as psychological violence. The battle began quickly, but it was far from a one-on-one, and Lucy did not have the advantage she did when she first fought Bando. Up close, the wealthy, powerful and scheming Chief offered up a sleazy existence based on lies and delusions. Simultaneously, the island erupts with vectors power and begins the process of its destruction. She made her way to the exit, and as she peered over the cliffside, Kurama had a sniper use a.

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Japanese Self-Defense Forces. In general, Lucy saw the situation as zero-sum, and though she was shown lamenting resorting to killing people to stay safe, Lucy did nothing to resist The Voice's direction. Finally, Lucy is found by Kohta and Yuka and taken home. After learning of her mother's death, she killed her brother and Kakuzawa both but didn't grieve long for her mother due to her wish to leave the island to return home. Except for an instance of tripping Yuka when the couple thought she was Nyu, Lucy never makes an attempt to hurt or kill her rival.

The second time, though, she willingly let them die when she sank the island. Unfortunately, things didn't turn out as planned, and the girl's death focused all of her hatred toward humans in general into seeking vengeance against Kurama for Aiko's death. And when they met again at Maple House, she tauntingly asked Nana if she was there for a rematch though she converted back to Nyu before this could happen. When Lucy lost her horns in the battle with Mariko, Nyu's persona predominated and remained for six months.

When Yuka objected to this treatment, she was shoved and held face down, while the crowd of men likely did nothing for Mayu's peace of mind. However, Lucy made a brief attempt to reform herself by helping Aiko, as the thought came that helping Aiko reunite with her mother would prove the person she had become wasn't just a murderer. Kurama promises Lucy that he will do everything he can to save Aiko, but she still ends up dying. While exceedingly brief in their direct interactions, the possibility exists that the late manga sequence was not the first time Lucy and Chief Kakuzawa met.

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The series reveals nothing about the background of Lucy's parents. They meet, and Lucy goes into a state of shock after losing one of her horns. She is simultaneously familiar with both the savagery of Lucy and the gentleness of Nyu. Once outdoors, the Agent ambushed Lucy, and used the dying Cynthia first to knock one of her horns off, then when she was on the ground, to shoot off the other.

Despite the danger, Yuka, Mayu, Nana and Nozomi with Wanta also made their way to the ruined Sea Candle to be by the side of their loved ones as this drama played out. Instead, it waited for the situation it and Lucy had created to cause him to turn against her.

She also quickly gained a reputation as a casual murderer, prompting all to keep back from her containment area. The Voice may have wished to rid itself of him, but saved its ace of actually controlling Lucy's actions for life and death situations. The English translations of the episode names, however, are taken from the Japanese names for the episodes. Bakery Merchant - Nyuu Jr. The Voice she claims is merely a guide, and while she has rarely strayed from its advice, is not able to control her outright.

When Kurama tells Lucy this, she tells him that she will not kill him, but instead take away everything he has ever loved, like he did to her, and she is shown crying through the mask on her face. Mariko and Nana meet on a bridge on the shore and battle. The bullying left its mark on her interactions with others by leaving her puzzled about how to return the kindness.

When Kohta and Yuka return to their university classes accompanied by Nyu, Professor Kakuzawa, the son of Kurama's boss and, by coincidence, a university lecturer discovers Nyu. As Nyu, she could stay with him as she wanted without him being reminded she killed his family and without her living forever racked with guilt for ruining his life. She also confirmed to Doctor Arakawa via a gesture and nod that the Chief was dead.

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