Double Dragon Arcade Game

Charge up your energy and prepare your lethal special attack to keep your enemy down! Billy's girlfriend, Marion, has been beaten and taken hostage by a group of street thugs.

The graphics were cool, and it even had some digitized scenes. They had better be, as they'll be facing intense competition from a motley crew of vicious foes who want to depose the siblings in this big, Meg brawler. If you try to kick and end up with a somer-sualt, don't worry-it's not you. The soundtrack features arranged versions of the music from the original arcade version. Each character has its own set of skills and attacks which can be performed by using the joystick and three action buttons individually or in combination.

Overall, Double Dragon is a good fighting game if you're on the move. For other uses, see Double Dragon disambiguation. Electronic Gaming Monthly. Much like the Lee brothers themselves, the names of the gang members were established throughout the console versions of the series. It is also hard to tell what you can jump on.

Double Dragon

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This is a top fighting game made even better for this system! To do the move you must be in the two-player mode. When a character comes out holding a stick of dynamite, you can make him, blow himself up instead of you.

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Game Gear fanatics who missed the excitement of Double Dragon, which has hit every system from hand-helds to bit units, now have Double the power, Double the fun, and Double the trouble! For the video game, see Double Dragon video game. For other videogame topics, animating software see Double Dragon disambiguation.

Double Dragon

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Players can throw punched and kicks, but also grab hair or throw elbow punches. It does not work and you will only lose energy! While the original arcade game was only a bit sluggish, its unresponsiveness has been magnified by a factor of five on the Lynx.

As you beat up your foes, you gain experience and unlock more abilities, like a jump kick, and you can also take any weapon that they drop and use it against them. Video game franchises owned by Arc System Works. Both characters will lock arms, back to back, and the kick will be twice as long and powerful.

This challenge is not for the weak of arm or thumb. Both life gauges are refilled, any extra lives are taken away, and the timer is reset for this fight. The series feature two twin brothers, Billy and Jimmy Lee, as they fight against different rivals. Neo fighting fans have never had it so good.

It was developed by Korean -based Eolith. Both games were also followed by various home versions. Use attack moves like kicking, punching and throwing to annihilate your opponents. If there is only one player, the game will end when the boss is defeated. The game suffers from below-average graphics and sluggish and slow controls.

American promotional flyer for the arcade release by Taito. The original arcade version was well-received upon release.

The player begins the game with only the basic punches and kicks available to their character, gaining the most powerful ones after acquiring the experience points needed to use them. When playing with another player, one can grab an opponent from behind, allowing the other to attack unimpeded. Hang in there, though, because this cart gets to be more fun as it rolls, punches, and kicks its way along.

This game also marks the official debut of Technos Japan as a Neo licensee. Be careful on the broken bridge. The game moves very fast even faster than some of its bit counterparts and scrolls across the screen smoothly. Two brothers, Billy Lee and Jimmy, are powerful martial artists living in a city overrun by the Black Warriors gang. The music is funk for punks, and it adapts itself for different moods.

But if there are two players, then after the boss is defeated the two brothers will have to fight each other. All characters have their own stats, moves, and special abilities, so make sure you choose one that suits you best!

You control Billy Lee in a battle to the death with the city's worst scum! If you enjoyed playing the game, give it a thumbs up. Now, at last, they're in first-class graphical form on the Genesis in an original, knuckle-busting adventure. Each player begins the game with a certain number of lives.

Use the weapons you find along the way. Play Now Download the full version. This one- or two-player beat-em-up supports the ComLynx. One life is lost if either the life gauge or timer reaches zero, or if the player character falls off the bottom of the screen or into a hole, river, or bed of spikes.

Accolade's done an excellent job of translating this arcade-based version of Double Dragon into the Genesis format. There are not too many enemies during the game. The player has a total of seven skill levels that they can achieve throughout the game.

Take That, Street Scum Billy's girlfriend, Marion, has been beaten and taken hostage by a group of street thugs. Unlike other Game Boy titles which offer either great graphics or decent gameplay, Tradewest's Double Dragon does both! Movement and scrolling is smooth, control is good and all the familiar adversaries and weapons are back - only smaller. Your character is fairly simple to control. Dragon plays impressively for a Game Gear title.

The adventures of Billy and Jimmy Lee are about to hit the portable gaming market. Look What the Cat Dragon'd In Double Dragon by Virgin is a one-player, side-scrolling beat-em-up that takes you through four murderous, multi-stage levels. Control Billy through gang-infested areas such as the city streets, urban trains and even the countryside.