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Two hours of entertainment that make me care, even if briefly, about something other than myself and what goal has to be accomplished next. This movie wasn't at all what I was expecting. While by no means a bad film, it just didn't hit in the same way as films like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, or The Incredibles. Pixar efforts have been so well done because they were collaborative efforts, each fixing each other's problems to make a better project. This more than anything makes me wonder if Pixar was even trying to up the ante or if they were just using what they had to make a movie a year.

Perhaps Pixar should have set it as simply a spy movie set in the Cars universe and had McQueen and his friends in cameos or as a background story. And again, the third act flows quickly and furiously like, well, another race. With this level of creative juice flowing in one of John's babies, I can't wait to see what he has in store for further feature animation and theme parks. There are some goofy, funny moments and some nice one- liners for the older crowd. Pixar has sucked all the dimensionality out of every returning character, and the new ones it's added are so one-dimensional as to be nonexistent.

This movie had much more violence than the first one. The biggest problem is the story.

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Teach me the same lessons that your characters learn. The windshields are their eyes, and the grilles are their mouths, and they display emotions as well as any human actor.

Cars 2 (2011)

The problem with Mater is that he's such a simple character. The story starts out fast and exciting, like the race it portrayed. Off all the Pixar films, Cars made the most with the merchandise. While the story may not reach the high standards of Toy Story and The Incredibles, viewers of all ages will marvel at the technical brilliance of the animation and come away satisfied. See this movie the day it opens.

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Cars is Lasseter's pet project. Giving something like cars distinct personality and characterization seems like it would be pretty tough, and they do a great job with it. The people around him either were in awe of the man who made Pixar and Toy Story or they were afraid to hurt his feelings since he loves the Cars franchise so much. Can they change Lightning and make him over to have positive traits like honesty, integrity, respect, honor, sacrifice, humility, and compassion? There's too much spy stuff for the racing to be interesting, android market mobile which becomes pointless against the overpowering and overly cliched spy story.

McQueen had his story and there's not much else to tell. Thinking back to the innocence and the good spirit of the first movie, I began to wonder how we got from there to here. Giacchino usually does terrific work like with The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Up. He is selfish, unappreciative, greedy, two-faced and has no real friends.

Lasseter and his team stood their ground and resisted any pressure to trim this to a runtime more suitable to those with limited attention spans, and I thank them for it. One of the most impressive sets, Tokyo, were already spoiled by the Tokyo Mater short. There were non-stop put downs throughout and some other questionable topics. They create an entirely believable world populated by machines, with tractor cows, and somehow they still have George Jones and Hendrix. Either way, he is not an attractive persona.

As I said earlier, Cars hit the starting line with a disadvantage. As an ardent fan of the first Cars, I was shocked at what an absolute mess this movie is. But he too fumbles the ball here.

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He has one character moment that's essentially the same realization as the first film's. And this is a must-see-twice-to-get-it-all movie. In the second serving of Lightning McQueen and his pals, they take their show to the international stage in a world championship race-off sponsored by oil-alternative manufacturer, Allinol.

This movie is definite Pixar gold. Like Finding Nemo, where else is there to go? Yes, they could, and they did. The animation is superb, definitely the best they've done.

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Lightning is a hard case, and the outcome is always in doubt. Everything about him is on the surface for all to see.

But the film is definitely entertaining and a great beginning to Summer movie season. The scenery on screen is awe-inducing to the point that it's getting harder to distinguish the real from the created. They're both terrific side characters but lack enough complexity for a full story. Even the best can stumble.

The story is serious and light-hearted at the same time. But when I saw an early screening I was surprised, it was well written and well executed. Owen Wilson's voice is great for his role. Deliver a somewhat cliched message, but deliver it in such a way that the meaning resounds. At least Pixar made it look that way.

And I'd rather see sequels to better movies like The Incredibles, even Bug's Life seems to have more potential. Each movie has had some wow moment where audiences can't help but be amazed by what they're seeing. But turmoil behind the scenes pulls the gang into a world of spies, the Mob, Big Oil, evil German scientists and hit men. They didn't overload the movie with automotive jokes, which I think would have hurt the story and character development.

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