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If you're not careful in expanding your business, you can end up in a bubble or a crash. Within Tiny Tower, players are tasked with managing a tower where they are constantly aiming to make it grow by adding new floors. Frontier is essentially a very good business management-style strategy game with some turn-based fighting thrown into the mix!

Quick reactions and cool decision making are important, as you have to react smartly to market trend changes, and adjust your business plans accordingly. This highly interactive fast-food tycoon simulation game requires excellent time management skills, fast mouse-clicking ability, english dance music and a knack for making important decisions under intense pressure. Competitor against RollerCoaster Tycoon World. Moon Tycoon Build a colony on the Moon!

Likewise, there will be a section based around developing new creatures, similar to the story of Jurassic World. First game crowdfunded via Gambitious.

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No data is shared with Paypal unless you engage with this feature. Prison Architect puts players in control of their own customized prison.

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This includes not only building up the prison with various cells and facilities but the utilities required to operate a prison. Also The Movies, by lion head was left out.

Likewise, there have been a few spin-off titles such as Tiny Tower Vegas and Tiny Death Star but they are traditionally played the same. Open source game engine based on Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

Open source implementation of Theme Hospital. Sadly, the Capitalism series hasn't been updated in over a decade. Start from a small theater and grow into a huge Mega-Plex! Do you have what it takes to be a Cinema Tycoon? No data is shared with Facebook unless you engage with this feature.

1. Airline Tycoon

Make enough profit to invest in the necessary tools such as ploughs, harvesters and tractors to improve your crop yields. You may also opt to incorporate more reform programs in order to rehabilitate the prison inmates to live a productive and law abiding life outside of prison. You try to earn as much money as you can while improving your rail network, which is incredibly fun and addictive. Capitalism game is still under development, check the website of Capitalism Lab! Stardew Valley has been a huge hit that acts very much like the Harvest Moon franchise.

No data is shared unless you engage with this feature. Visual Entertainment And Technologies. Passport to Europe Travel across Europe fixing up houses for a tidy profit!

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Ski Resort Tycoon Build a top notch ski resort for skiers or boarders! This is used to provide data on traffic to our website, all personally identifyable data is anonymized. Create a living and breathing city from the ground up! Remake of Transport Tycoon.

Simulation video games Subgenres. Looks like an interesting collection of games that you have. Business simulation, or economic simulation, games offer the player the opportunity to manage a business and make decisions about how to grow the business. Tiny Tower Create a virtual community in the palm of your hand!

Your proactive mission is to help the head of the family turn this small farm in a developing nation into a commercial success. These games simulate likely outcomes and consequences of the decisions the player makes in various business environments. Remember, nothing sucks like bad management! From farm to supermarket, you have to manage materials and resources to make products. Good luck too, as every business needs a bit of luck!

Again, much like Harvest Moon, the game will have players tending to crops and their livestock while also introducing craft goods, mining, among other social activities. The Anno series games are about colony- and empire-building.

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Nevertheless it's a challenging game. Cooking Fever Serve up mouthwatering eats in this free time management game!

Happy investing with solid business strategy! Both tycoon game newbies and experienced business whiz gamers alike can enjoy the exciting action here.

For example, if the monkey enclosure is just too small, build an extension to house more customers. If you made good decisions, you made a few dollars of profit and were ready to make more the next day. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries.