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The Russians return and burn the club down, but not before Elwood hears Mack sing. The Illinois State Police arrive, but stand down after Cab informs them that he is all right and there by choice. The movie brought back blues legends such as Aretha Franklin and James Brown back into the spotlight, and it helped contribute to the death of disco.

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The Band evades capture once more, with the transformed Cab joining them. King The Blues Brothers Band.

Blues Brothers was screened out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival. The federal government has a computer.

If Jim Belushi took the part of Joliet Jake, that would have been a disaster. Like the film on which it based and the video game based on the first film, it was poorly received.

Blues Brothers video game. Shaffer shaved his head for the role, a change in appearance he chose to retain permanently. Moussette accepts the Blues Brothers for the Battle, however Elwood, Mack, and Cab are transformed into stone statues. The newly reformed band uses their old agent Murray Sline to book them a gig.

The big mistake in this movie was its attempt to outdo the original movie. Their goal was to make some honest money to save an orphanage from shutting down, while trying to flee from the police at the same time. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

He is picked up by Matara, a friend who works for his former drummer Willie Hall. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He was replaced by actor-musician Murphy Dunne. Theatrical release poster. Shaffer, New York Ericka N.

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Cab is offended by the suggestion of joining him after seeing Elwood's and Jake's criminal history, and throws him out of the building. They lose to the Gator Boys. Elwood suggests that the two bands jam together on stage, and uses the performance as cover when Reverend Mother Mary Stigmata arrives to say goodbye to Cab and Mack. Eighteen years later, Jake's dead, Cab Calloway's dead, the orphanage has been shut down, so why are they being chased by the police? Afterwards, the show is interrupted by the arrival of the Russian Mafia and the militia group who lost their boat, who are then turned into rats by Queen Moussette.

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Elwood also reveals the truth to Cab about his birth. They perform the show anyway to great acclaim by the crowd, until they get rained out. Man at Strip Bar uncredited Domenico A. Finally, Murphy Dunne joins up after his boss at a call center grants him permission.

Buster steals his wallet which contains enough money for Elwood to purchase a new Bluesmobile. But there should have been a better plot, hummingbird exceed 10 because it seemed as though the Blues Brothers Band were going from event to event for the hell of it. The Louisiana Gator Boys is a blues supergroup created for the film.

The Encyclopedia of Popular Music. The Rise of Cobra surpassed it in with cars destroyed. Films directed by John Landis. The Band arrives for their gig at a Kentucky county fair and discovers that Murray Sline booked them in as a Bluegrass Band. However, don't expect to see a plot in this story.

This section does not cite any sources. Are there plans for a sequel? Afterwards, they evade capture by the police, but the cops catch up with them at a tent revival where old friend Reverend Cleophus James is preaching. Pickett Junior Wells as himself. Blues Brothers soundtrack.

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Elwood escapes with Buster and the movie ends with the police once again in pursuit of the Blues Brothers in the Bluesmobile. Blues Brothers made it into the Guinness Book of Records for the biggest car pile-up, a record previously held by the original film. While avoiding the police, Elwood interrupts a militia group meeting inadvertently destroying their boat which was full of explosives. It was cool that they tied in the deaths of John Belushi and Cab Calloway into the movie's plot, making the characters they played dead as well. Still, the plot of this movie could have used some serious work.

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The music was great, and I highly recommend buying the soundtrack. While working as a singer at Willie's strip club, Elwood discovers his friend is being shaken down by the Russian mafia. Before Cab can arrest them, he has an epiphany that he should join the Band after hearing the music. Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article.

Audible Download Audio Books. This marks the first time on-screen that the Blues Brothers Band played with their original keyboardist. She introduces Elwood to an orphan named Buster and suggests mentoring him. Police, leave these guys alone. Was this review helpful to you?

His character Curtis was revealed to have died in the film along with Jake. Underneath the water, sir.